Injured in an accident?

Don't wait for your case to settle, get CASH Today!

We know how disruptive an accident can be to you and your family. It wasn't your fault, but the bills are piling up and there doesn't seem to be any relief in sight. There is a way to get the cash you need TODAY until your case can settle for the full value it is worth. SettlementCashAdvanceNow understands the pressures you're facing and is here to help.

Settlement Funding loans are quick and simple with no out-of-pocket costs charged to you. Funding amounts are based on your case and the processing fee is paid from your settlement proceeds. Rest assured knowing you will owe nothing unless your case settles.

If you've been injured in an accident and need cash fast, let the professionals at SettlementCashAdvanceNow get you settlement funding today. Call Now! (855) 906-6299

What are Pre-Settlement Loans?

When you're waiting for your case to settle, life won't stop. Lawsuit loans will give you the money you need to pay for your medical bills, car repairs, and general living expenses. In order to figure out how much you're entitled to, we take your injuries, bills, and insurance into consideration. Once we've taken a thorough look at your case, we can help you get the lawsuit cash advance you deserve, so you don't have to suffer during lengthy legal battles. Once your funding is approved, a one time processing fee will be added to your funding for repayment when your case settles.*

Pre-Settlement Loans are hassle free and let you get back to living your life after the disruption and chaos of an accident. Because repayment of your Pre-Settlement loan is done when your case settles, there is no minimum or maximum period for repaying the loan. Best of all, if you lose your case you don't owe us anything.

Knowing the exact date your case will settle is impossible. Since your pre-settlement loan is only paid once your case settles, the minimum and maximum period for repayment can vary. Repayment periods can be as little as 90 days and as much as 5 years. Best of all should you decide to repay your loan before your case settles there is never a penalty.

Ask about our 4 Hour Express Funding!

Don't wait another day to get fast funding and the help you need. is standing by, ready to provide cash today against the settlement of your case.

  • If you lose your case, you don't have to pay us back
  • Pay nothing out of pocket, our payment comes out of your settlement award
  • No risk or monthly payments
  • No credit check or employment verification
  • No out-of-pocket fees or application costs

You have nothing to lose. SettlementCashAdvanceNow provides an advancement of proceeds you will receive when your case settles - this is not a loan. Call us today at (855) 906-6299 for fast funding and same day approval of your settlement loan!

About Settlement Cash Advance Now

We understand the difficult process of searching for a loan. Our professional staff have been trained and are qualified to offer you the highest standards of customer service. Our offices efficiently process and handle your loan requests with some of the fastest turn around times in the industry. We have underwritten thousands of loans and are experts at processing pre-settlement loans. You can rest assured relief is just a phone call away. Our staff is waiting to assist you, Call us now at (855) 906-6299.

Yesenia in New York

"I'm a single mom with children who depend on me. When my car broke, I was faced with a bill I couldn't afford and no way to get to my job. got me the cash I need to fix my car and get to work. They helped me provide for my family when I needed it most!"

Kim and Phillip from Florida

“When my wife lost her job after her accident, it really put a strain on our family. helped get us the cash we needed to pay the bills that were piling up and keep our home. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

George from Texas

“I live on a fixed income and after my accident, there were more bills than I could pay. worked with me to help bridge the gap until my next check came in. It made all the difference."

Pre-Settlement Funding will walk with you through each step of the funding process and in most cases, complete your funding in the same day. Call us now at (855) 906-6299 for the cash you need to bring you peace of mind.

Our Personal Loan Program Features:

  • Same Day Approval!
  • Funding from $1,000 to $100,000*
  • No Credit Check
  • No Employment Verification
  • No out-of-pocket fees or application costs
  • Low annual APR of 30%
  • Minimum loan period of 90 days
  • Maximum loan period of 5 years

*A typical $1,000 Personal Loan will incur interest a yearly APR of 30%. Payoff after one year is $1,300.

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